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ChampionTutor Online is an online tutoring platform to help students and parents find tutors easily. Our objective is to make tutoring more accessible and affordable to everyone from anywhere. We help thousands of students find the tutor online, thanks to our large network of approved and qualified tutors across the nation. Be it math, science, or arts, ChampionTutor Online in Singapore makes learning available for all subjects no matter where and when you need it.
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Online Chinese Tuition Singapore

Chinese Online Tuition Singapore

For parents who are worried for the low grades of their children in Chinese subject, they can seek help form ChampionTutor Online. Being the most trusted online tuition platform in Singapore, we make sure to provide the best tutors for Chinese language.

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Having a strong team of qualified Chinese online tutors, we have great experience in teaching the language to all levels ranging from kindergarten, primary school Chinese to secondary school Chinese. Whether you need a tutor for PSLE, O-Level or A-Level Chinese, we ensure to offer proper guidance.

How ChampionTutor Online can help?

We focus on providing students with the best Chinese online tutoring service. Our online tutors assure to cover the entire syllabus, including all the topics and basic concepts to lay down a strong foundation for the language learners. The course includes exclusive features like video and audio clips, empowering the students to understand the subject in the simplest possible way.

Our Chinese online tutors cater a student friendly learning process which is formulated for every age group. Whether it is about a school going child or a young college student, the courses are evaluated according to their specific level of learning, ranging from beginners to intermediate and advanced.


ChampionTutor Online in Singapore offers you the following benefits:

  • The major benefit for students learning through online method is that they can avail the courses suited to their learning objectives at the comfort of their home.
  • We also offer unique courses for kids, and introduce them with the Chinese language at an age where they can grasp it quickly.
  • You can maintain your own particular timetable, depending upon your preference, i.e. you can take lessons whenever you want.
  • You don't need to stress over being late for class, or missing out the class.
  • Tuition class can recorded and reviewed.
  • Parents get progress report for your child tuitions.

So, don’t delay anymore and log onto ChampionTutor Online to make your child learn Chinese more efficiently!

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