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English being the sole medium of instruction in all schools across Singapore makes it essential for students to be well versed with the language form the beginning. And, when we say well versed with English, we’re talking about Standard English, which is the most widely understood form of the language.

Today’s generation, especially from the secondary level students, they have high exposure to the slang English, called Singlish. Avid users of internet and mobiles have become so habitual to this form of language that many teachers have started complaining about student assignments having Singlish content.

If you’re having a hard time in changing your children’s speaking and writing habits,  chances are an English tutor in Singapore will be helpful. Class room achievements aside, English is also important for young students as our economy is multi-lingual and as they grow older it may become tougher for them to communicate with their French, Chinese, and other Asian counterparts.

For best English tuition in Singapore, look no further than "ChampionTutor Online.” We’re proud to be among the best English tuition agency in Singapore that have the best English tutors in Singapore. Our tutors are adept in reinforcing the concepts of Standard English in their students by teaching them all the correct expressions and lineages.

Being in the industry for the past many years, we have observed that many parents neglected English as an important subject. They feel it’s easy and requires no extra training, only to discover in the end that their children are unable to comprehend many things, due to the poor command of English.

For this and many reasons stated below, English Tuition in Singapore has become an essential tuition subject:

  • Starting from primary education, secondary education, junior college and up to university level, English is the medium of teaching, which make an adequate understanding of the language a must.
  • A good understanding of English helps in better understanding of all other subjects, whether it is science, geography, history, and even math.
  • Many subjects like economics and literature require extensive writing for their assessment and without a good command of English, it will be challenging for students to excel in these subjects.
  • English is best learnt by frequent speaking and writing. However, if the student’s environment does not permit it, appointing a Private English Tutor in Singapore will be helpful for your children.

A poor comprehension of the English language means students will not only struggle in understanding basics of literature, but will also face problems in solving complicated problems in other subjects like math, science, etc.

Engaging a specialised English tutor in Singapore would mean to help your children to improve their English language. It may seem easy on the outset, but definitely not an easy feat to master it well. We understand the agony of not being able to find a good tutor for English tuition in Singapore.

If you hire one of our English tutors in Singapore, our tutors could help your child to improve English by giving them an extensive training in spelling, writing, comprehension, and grammar. Our tutors will not only prepare students for the class room settings and examinations, but also teach them general skills of the language to enhance their overall communication abilities.

Parents can contact us for any class ranging from Primary school, Secondary school, and even Junior College. We also have special arrangements for international students to learn the spoken and written language of English.

A reliable education partner, "ChampionTutor Online” will be the trusted choice when it comes to Singapore English Tuition.

You may also fill up a simple registration form at our website, and our friendly coordinator will get back to you.

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