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In Feb 2015, UCL Institute of Education and the University of Cambridge conducted a study to evaluate if there is an improvement in Mathematics grade if a Singaporean inspired ‘mastery’ approach of study. This approach of study was introduced into a selection of England’s primary and secondary schools. Researchers implemented the study on 5 and 6 year olds in 90 primary schools and 11 and 12-year-olds in 50 secondary schools. The conclusion from that study revealed that the Singaporean mastery teaching approach does indeed improve students’ learning in the subject.

The Mathematics curriculum which is widely taught in Singapore local schools was designed by the Singapore’s Ministry of Education with the aim to develop 21st century competencies. There is a lot of focus on the thorough understanding of how to solve mathematical problems using different methods and not just learning by sheer memorizing or reciting. The program consists of a set of syllabus which covers primary school students to pre-university students.

In a comparison done by PISA published by OECD in May 2015 which compares 76 countries’ quality of school systems, Singapore was ranked 1st following by Hong Kong 2nd and South Korea being 3rd. Singapore’s education system has been one of the most respected globally. To give you a sense of the standard of the maths in Singapore, here is a question designed for 11 year olds by the Singapore and Asian Schools Maths Olympiad (SASMO) for a contest. We certainly won’t laugh at you if you didn’t know the answer (even if you are a respectable mathematician) as it is indeed a challenging one.

If you wish to improve your child’s mathematic results, you should consider hiring private math tutor from Singapore. You can consider hiring a current or ex ministry of education trained teacher or even a local student who have studied the local maths curriculum before. If you are residing outside of Singapore and wish to hire a Singapore maths tutor, you will be pleased to hear that these pool of tutors are now available to you online.

Many schools outside of Singapore are now trying to adopt the Singapore way of teaching math. An example of a school is Oak Hall School in Florida USA. The math teacher in Oaks Hall School, Ms Michelle Mills strongly believes in Singapore’s concrete, pictorial and abstract approach of teaching math. The model drawing method of problem solving is said to give students a much better understanding of concepts. Another example of a school is Brookfield School in California. In August 2014, they decided to adopt the Singapore mathematics curriculum as they believe that this curriculum is more advanced than the US mathematical texts.

You can give your child the advantage of the Singapore Math mastery program by giving him maths tuition online with best tutors. Champion Tutor has offices established in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and London. We specialise in assisting matching students to tutors. Since the beginning till now, we have helped matched more than 20,000 jobs. Register with us and we will send you a list of Singapore math tutors to shortlist.

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